Henna Ceremony

The Henna Ceremony takes place a few days prior to the Ketuba ceremony. It is an opportunity for family and friends to wish the couple good luck and happiness.

The word Henna itself is spelled in hebrew: "chet", "noon", "hey".These three hebrew letters stand for three symbols of a Jewish woman's responsibilities once she is married. "Chet" is the first letter of the word Challah which she places on the Shabbat table. "Noon" is the first letter of the word Nida, alluding to the laws of family purity which bring harmony into the couple's relationship. "Hey" is for Hadlakat Nerot. Through the kindling of the Shabbat candles the Jewish woman transforms her home into a sanctuary of joy and peace. Together, these three symbols embody the role of a Jewish woman.

Since henna is being celebrated usually by Sephardic jews, we at Tal productions can suite your needs accordingly. Our styles can vary from Morrocan, Yammanite and more.


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